For those of us without a strong sc community to gush to.

Long ago there was a post where people could post their frustrations and happier moments in playing.  I need that space right now and to just get things out of my head.  I'm putting my story in spoiler if people just want to use this place to release lol.

I'm bouncing between 10th-7th gold as a random player. Played a 1v1 against a protoss and I as well rolled protoss.  Having a developed a taste for early aggression and trends with people in my grouping, I 4 gated. Frankly my weakest is protoss in terms of planning and execution so this was very much a probes and pylons thing (and constant production because I still can't seem to grasp burst production with warpgate and NOT getting supply blocked).

As I have not practiced it and am gold my 4gate was probably a little over the top. a chunk of stalkers a couple zealots and a mothership core.  I move out havning enough economy I spent the extra money on a nexus.  Try and break the front and it doesn't work.  I don't lose everything but start a containment.  I get cozy enough to drop a proxy forge and two cannons.

At this point the antagonist bums me out and rants about how newbie i am to 4 gate and begging me to quiet because I didn't break his front.  I don't think he ever realized I had two more expansions set up and busy doing other things lol.  I eventually just crush him with numbers and some composition choices.  Voidrays, immortals zealots (with leg speed) and a handful of stalkers make a pure stalker immortal army sad.

Then the two things that prompted me to post this happened.  First he says I won't progress if I always cheese, I agree with this for the most part macro is an incredibly important of the game even if you are cheesing.  Yet this was one game in multiple seasons and he doesn't know me like that.  Forcing engagements early prevents the two death balls colliding, though I would pay to see tempest vs carrier battle. 

Second he pms me after the match and goes: try and do that against a master league player and you'll get crushed and immediately ignores me. I have issues with this practice and statement.  We all get frustrated but it's also part of the game and games in general, nothing tears a family apart like monopoly.  Even grace is a lot to ask at points when you are really sore, but keep your mouth shut.  The statement itself is annoying as well. Well of course I'd get crushed against a master...they're 3 leagues higher and clearly neither of us are that good.  It doesn't change the effectiveness of a 4gate as long as the players are evenly matched it's hard to defend.  Hell on day9 we've even seen a high level cannon rusher...he made it an art.

On the whole I feel that the ladder is a nice place to be.  After that round I laddered back up and got 4gated myself as zerg by a man who lives in lousville ky and wished me luck with a job I applied for there.  At this point "cheeses" aren't personal offenses to me, hell they aren't even cheesey, they are just ways of playing the game.  Of course we all want the best shiniest units and crush the opponent but if you can use a marine to do it, why wait for thors?

Thanks for being awesome Day[9] forums and I'd like to hear other peoples experiences, good and bad.