Not the target market.

As pointed out previously, the target "market" of the daily does not help in competitive play, especially at the highest level.  Though Day9's job is based around analysis he isn't pointing out anything the pros would have already picked up on.  I think a good analogy for the show would be Pre or Post game coverage of Football (either form) on 24 hour sports networks.  For the enthusiast it has raised the education and eventually the respect of the players but isn't giving anything away that is cutting edge or widely known in the "circle."

As peoples education increases they may play better fundamentally but it is shocking for Day9 to get vods and do a strong critique of a build from a tourney.  Think of something like Stardust's build, what made it good:  Perfect Force fields.  You can analyze the poop out of it, but it isn't going to change how it works with or without the necessary micro.

Happy 600th vid :)