SC, BW, WoL, HotS Lore, and LotV speculation (Contains Spoilers)

I'll premise this by saying that I've only played the games and it's been ages sense I've played BW, much less SC.  On top of that I was really young when I played them so some of the nuances are lost and it feels like a very detailed dream.  This will contain spoilers and will not be using the "spoiler" function because I'd just end up doing the whole post in it.

A lot of my questions deal with the protoss and how unfortunate this story is being told this way.  The story is broken into 3 different parts but instead of having unique perspective of the same events you are given one view of each set of unique chunks of time.  So far the protoss (as a race) seem to be doing their status quo or outright helping the baddy in the case of the talderiem.  Of all the races that should be at least mildly concerned by it should be the protoss, the zerg were inslaved by it, and it's assumed that Minsk used them as a possible tool for more power.  Though protoss are notorious for being slaves to tradition you'd think a larger segment would have critical thinking skills.

Zeratul and anyone he employs seem to be the only ones with a decent head on their shoulders.  It is implied that in HotS he's going to punished for what he set in motion in WoL.  Showing a massive schism in protoss view of the situation. His goodbye to kerrigan also implies he or she won't be there together during "the final battle," however it plays out.  The story structure implies it will be protoss focused and with a strong zerg support to the story line, but final battle tropes encourage a fight with all three races against amon.

So who will our protaganist be for LotV?  Doing a quick wiki, I found an archon of tassadar and zeratul from bw and a possibility for the twlilight archon to reemerge. (On a side note, I loved the unit bios given before the release of WoL...who knew changlings could be so BA?  Or, the story of baneling evolution.)  We know tassadar is still kicking and a merging of the two would be a great way to unite a majority of the protoss along with "removing" zeratul from the story line.  Starting off as zeratul you could find a way to merge with starwars ghost tassadar and then work to kill amon.  You have a hero unit progression (learn how to be a boss archon) and a pretty decent arc to cover most of the issues set up for LotV.  Plus who doesn't want to go around say "power overwhelming" as you wipe some hybrids off the face of the...void?

Side think kerrigan would like to have a chat with the overmind at some point creating an interesting dialogue between her and tassadar.

My current problem with LotV is they have set it up with too much left to do.  I will play it and enjoy it greatly but 20 missions plus whatever sides they do only make think the pacing will be rushed.  The world they have made seems too deep for it to be tied up enough to deal with a (demi?)god. Humanity has been effectively neutered and for all the issues minsk was he did unite them at some level, Jim shows no signs of being a head of state and could easily called the enemy for letting the zerg overun the capital. The zerg seem to be in fighting shape but are hated by both factions equally.  As said before the, except for a few the majority of the protoss seem okay with eradicating the zerg and moving on.  All of these issues can't be solved with protoss heavy story.

I love the universe created by Starcraft, and have always thought a Universe of Starcraft game would be fun to play and make because of how large it is, I understand that it would effectively kill the RTS as it did with WoW, but I still can dream?

If anyone has any other lore related questions we can attempt to answer them.  Because of the internet and wiki's most definite information can be found, but if it is hypothetical feel free to get it off your chest.  Most of this was an exercise in getting my thoughts out.  Like Duran...the jerk.