Thoughts on HOTS

Sooo I've started up HOTS and played seriously for the first time since I got it over winter break.  The scaling AI battles makes for some good times indeed.  I was pleasantly surprised when a baneling bust came through my front door.  Early pushes I seem to be able to handle well, it's the turtling AI that crushes me lol. I'm just trying to get back in the swing of things. 

I was top bronze when I stopped for a bit and now am having trouble scrapping together a couple of wins.  Partly, I feel comes from, the OOOO shiny units and not following through with what I've been playing.  For need to research siege tech, that's pretty spiffy.  My macro is getting better, but definitely not where it needs to be.  I'm a terran player and noticed a couple of things,  Ravens are much more important than ever before, I have to waste a lot of scan finding burrowed or cloaked units.  Widow mines are great against zergling counters and busts (two or three just outside your wall off create a great deterrent), as well as banshee shinnanagins.

I'm currently trying to implement day9's advice on advancing...focus on MMM production solely.  I'm not expecting to win every time with it but I seem to hit some serious roadblocks. Some of them are timing based, I'm either waiting way to long and MMM looses its effectiveness or I get distracted and loose the macro advantage.  A lot of people seem to fear the reaper harass early so they put up a pretty strong defense making earlier pushes more difficult.

On the note of the match making system wonky or is there just a lot of new people every day?  Playing unranked persons with legitimate 150+ apm is a little strange or have i just not played in that long and I'm just terrible lol?

Anywho I look forward to actively watching the dailies and hearing from the community.  Are people seeing what I am or is the landscape different higher up?