The friendly replay sharing guide

Ok, since some the forums have been up many people are having problems sharing they're replays (to either get some help or just to share something amazing), so I decided to post a guide on how to sucesfully share your replays with evereyone :D.

1.- First obviously you have to activate the "save all replays" feature in options->game experience inside the game. (this is very important)

2.- You have to locate your replay folder, it's in my documents/documents->Starcraft II->account name (dont confuse the replay folder here with the one in the main Starcraft II folder) ->replays*. 

3.- Rename the replay,the replay is usually saved with the name of the map and the time you have played that map in each respective account, for example if you go to the Multiplayer folder it will be Ohana (4) if its the 4th time you have played that map (Ladder and custom maps are in the same folder so the best way to find a replay is to remember the day and time you played that one), you can change the name simply by right clicking it and choosing "rename" in the replay list inside the game (its important to rename the game so it's easier for others to find it). Once its renamed you can find it with that name in the respective replay folder.

4.- Upload the replay, the best thing is to upload the replay to a page like sc2replays or similar (I think this is better compared to upload a replay to Youtube because viewing a replay in the game gives you more control were in a replay viewed in Youtube you can only look at one thing), then when you have uploaded the replay just post the link to it wherever you want to share it. I also recommend to post it in page where you can create an account, because that will make it easier to find your replays online.

And that is my guide to replay sharing, its not really well done so constructive criticism is welcomed, but it should work for now,
Also if there is any typos let me know, since english is not my main language

*As far as i know you can't change the default folder where the replays saves, but i haven't looked too much into it.