Barcrafts - Meltdown (Europe)

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Hello Day9, viewers, and all sorts of gamers !

I am writing here to talk about something which, as a SC2 fan and more generally interested in e-sports, I find very exciting, and I think it deserves a shoutout, so I'm doing it here as I haven't found anything related in the forums :)

Since some time, a lot of people around the world decided to create events (barcrafts), where gamers and other people can gather to share their passion, to have some friendly drinks, play together and just have fun ! Now, I am French and a few months ago, in Paris, was created a permanent barcraft called Meltdown (it has a facebook page if you wanna check out). I went there with a few friends, and it was just great ! To be able to play in a great atmosphere, have some starcraft drinks and see other people share your enthusiasm was amazing ! It's really friendly, they have 2 PCs available to anyone who wants to play, or you can bring your own computers to make some 2v2, they organise some small tournaments for SC2, LoL, and other games and it's really all good fun !

Recently, they've decided to expand in other countries, such as Sweden, the UK, and Germany. Here is a link of an article (in English) that describes what they're doing. If the link is broken, you can try this one !

I'm really hoping that they will open up more places so that everyone can enjoy it.

I just found it so much fun that I wanted to share this with you, and maybe if some of you go to Paris one day, you can go there. I really recommend it, because they're so nice ; beware of the Blue Flame Hellion though, it's deadly :P

Now, some more personal to Day9, I don't know if he'll ever see this, but I know he's going to Paris to cast for Iron Squid 2. You have to visit this bar !! (so that we can buy you some drinks, haha).

PS : I put this in general forum cause I didn't really know where it should go, as it's not only about starcraft but more generally gamer's community.

PPS : I currently live in Stockholm, and I've never seen any barcraft yet, but I know there are some. If anyone has any info, I'd be glad to hear it :D

Cheers !