C9 - Continent of the Ninth Seal

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Hey everyone, just posting to mention a game I discovered recently. I actually heard about it maybe 5 years ago and then forgot completely about it and didn't realise it had come out.

Continent of the Ninth (mostly known as C9) is an action MMO, meaning that you don't play like "usual" MMOs. It's kind of like diablo in the sense that you have different stages, that you can enter alone or in parties, you have 4 primary classes and then 16 secondary classes. You get rated with grades when you complete a stage, depending on how well you fought, using your skills and combos.

It's an entertaining game, and so far I really like it. It's a free-to-play and seems spammed (a lot) by goldsellers, but other than that, it's worth a shot.

Is anyone else playing this game, or has anyone heard of it at least?

Cheers !