The Dreamhack community meeting topic !

Hello dear Day9 community !

This is a thread for my fellow European folks and also anyone who'd happen to be there at that time ;)

As you probably know, Dreamhack takes place at 5 different dates of the year for 5 events : Stockholm, Summer, Valencia, Bucharest and Winter.

The first event is quite soon (26-27 April), which is the week-end after next, but I thoguht I would ask anyway just in case, if someone will be there ! It's always nicer to go to an event with other people.It will take place in Stockholm, and there are still tickets on sale for those interested.

But if others were interested in joining in on a later event (and because it's always easier to plan things with a bit of time ahead !), we can also discuss the later events, such as Summer event, in Jönköping, Sweden, on June 15-18th, or even Valencia in July.

Ok, that's it, I hope people will be willing to join ! :)

For those of you who may not know yet, the community has a facebook page, go ahead and LIKE it ! :D You will find all kind of things there including events for the community to organise meetings.