Ai War: Fleet Command

"You are outgunned. You are massively outnumbered. You must win." These are your orders.

For those who haven't been enlightened on the subject yet, Ai War is the single best RTS ever made. Yes, yes, we all love Starcraft, and Ai War doesn't even try to challenge it's status as the #1 Esport. In fact, it's co-op only.

It's a difficult game to describe since there's nothing else like it on the market. The basic premise is that the AI turned on the humans and the humans lost. You start with only one of the 10 to 120 planetary system in the galaxy, with the objective to destroy the AI that controls the rest of it. The only reason you're even alive is that at the beginning of the game the AI thinks you're too small of a threat to even recognize your existence, and is occupied with extra-galactic matters. Everything you do against the AI increases it's awareness of you and the size of waves and quality of ships increases until you either win or collapse under the pressure, and that's really why AI War is such a magical game. Straight-up conquest only means you'll get overwhelmed before you even find the AI homeworlds, only clever thinking will save humanity.

It's not an exaggeration to say that the game has infinite replayability. The procedurally generated galaxy means the map will be different every single time, and there's so much options for tuning your campaign the game will never let you go if you manage to get into it. The learning curve is high, and for people used to Starcraft the RTS mechanics feel extremely archaic, but it's more of a grand strategy game.

It also has the best soundtrack of any videogame ever.

The demo includes the tutorial and lets you play the campaign with only a three hour limit to how long you may play a single campaign.

It's on the Humble Weekly Bundle right now!

Are there any AI War enthusiasts among the DayKnights? I'm not too experienced with the game, but we could get a bunch of games going if people are interested. The netcode is quite frankly garbage so we might have to fiddle with Hamachi, but getting people familiar to the game with jolly co-operation would be great.