How much internet data does it take to watch the daily live?

Hello wonderful Day[9] viewers and starcraft players!

I'm relatively new to this forum (been lurking for a while but never posted before ) and forums in general so please tell me if i am making any mistakes or breaching forum etiquette :).

The Question

I'll cut to the chase: I have a question: How much internet data does it take on average to watch Day[9]'s stream live?


I have had an internet cap of 12 gb for a while now('cause i, being a student, am broke :/). So whenever i have wanted to watch a Day[9] video, i have gone to the local library to watch it on youtube (they have a free internet connection but i can only use it for about 2 hours a day) or used my school internet to watch it on

However, i now want to make the jump from exclusively VODS to watching the daily live. Previously i could not have done this because school clashes with the daily time but now its the holidays i have no early commitments!

My school internet does not allow me to view streams on It allows access to the website but it never loads any streams or VODS. I live in Australia so if i wanted to watch the daily at the library i would have to get up at some god awful hour to get to the library on time (around 9:am but it is the holidays :P). 

So i was wondering if i could sustainably watch the daily live without going over my internet cap.