A DayKnight's career questions & an unrelated plea for fanfic editors

This is more of a personal thing than anything, but I wanted to get thoughts and opinions and this is the first place I thought of to go.

Right, so the first thing. I'm a sophomore attending Iowa State University, and while I was originally a Computer Science major, I just felt - and my sister agreed - that it was simply too rigorous. I didn't enjoy the coding and was easily frustrated, and I felt restricted, like I had no creative freedom. So after talking it over with her, I went and changed majors to Graphic Design of all things. While I'm not certain about the change, I'm thinking it'll be a lot more enjoyable and natural than Computer Science for me. However, my mother - possibly rightfully so - is worried that I will have trouble landing a career in the future. I have of course watched the dailies and Decktacular, and me and my sister agree that having a portfolio of work and showing dedication is arguably more important to any employer than paper qualifications. However, I'd like to ask any DayKnights here - do you know anything about this field, what the work tends to be like, and if it pays well?

Secondly, and much less importantly - I'm writing a League of Legends fanfiction and I need people to give me feedback that willl help me improve it. If you're interested, shoot me a message or an email at virusdozen@gmail.com. Thanks a million guys. I owe you one. Well, a few, really.