Ao Oni (Blue Demon)

I saw someone post Ib and it reminded me Aoi Oni.

What is Ao Oni?

It's a simple RPG horror game based around a Blue Demon.  You basically run from it whenever you see it.  And you're trying to escape the house that you encounter it in.  Why are you in that house?  Well you and your friends decide it was a good idea to check it out, so you guys did.

There's a mini puzzle element to the game and the sense of Ao Oni appearing randomly.  All you have to do is go through a room and he shouldn't follow you.  There are times when he will still follow, in that case, KEEP RUNNING!

Here's the download link for Ao Oni.

Here's the forum for the link of Ib, which are both excellent mini RPG horror games btw.