C-Wars: Roguelike Pixel Art PC/Android/3DS/PSVita Game

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What happens when Cyberpunk apocalypse roguelike meets RTS in pixel art? C-Wars!

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Download Alpha 1.4.5 here

We love apocalyptic themes (not in real life, of course!), and have been thinking about the best way to integrate themes of desperation, chaos, and hope into one game. This isn’t just about simple storytelling or displaying a crisis in front of you; it’s our invitation to you to enter into and interact with this world.

C-Wars is a roguelike game. Its gameplay allows you to explore this cyberpunk apocalypse in your own way. 

Roguelike is retro but not old fashioned, especially when embedded with an original combat system.

In addition to the numerous special/random encounters commonly seen in a regular roguelike game, we’ve spent a large amount of time creating this unique combat system, which follows an RTS spirit with an ARPG essence. Our goal is to amplify units collaboration and micromanagement.

It's a magnificent combination of retro-style visuals and innovative gameplay.

A global nuclear war reset humankind, and Luna base became the final outpost of civilization. 150 years later, Alpha, the largest Luna city, was infected by Crystal mutants. Despite all the precautions taken, the infection broke the quarantine barrier and hit Delta City.

Luna Council decided to use tactical nuclear weapons to terminate the two cites. You, as Sector 7's field commander, must enter these infected areas and find out the truth before it's too late. Your decisions in the game will determine Luna's fate. 

You can cooperate with LDF to set up tactical nuclear bombs and wipe out the infected people...but many innocent lives will be lost in the process. 

Eliminate Cyber-Lover, the mafia army, to steal their research on the Crystal Clan...but you can't unveil the dark truth behind this outbreak yet.

Or, you could choose the hardest option: fight your way out to reach the core of Alpha City, retrieve the fatal data from the old Sector 6 Research facility, and convince the Council to stop their termination.

Luna's fate depends on you, our final hope. 

Now, go, save mankind! 

Explore two huge cities progressively and check as many spots as you can...but remember, you are running out of time. Luna Council is about to nuke these cities.

Your decision matters and can change Luna world’s fate. Different endings, rich encounters. Can you save Delta?

RTS on blocks?

On the battle field, you need blue blocks to summon backups. Don't panic if enemies take them away, because you can always get them back. 

Your backups are summoned soldiers. They will attack when they can, but you are responsible for their lives. Make sure to move them to the best tactical positions in realtime. Your captain will wait for your order to attack, just as in old-school ARPGs. 

The combat system looks quite busy, but it will never be chaotic. You can pause whenever you want. 

Plus, if you pledge "More Hero," you will have a supremely powerful captain on your side from the beginning, so you have nothing to worry about (this hidden hero will not ruin your game, we promise!).

Beat the game your own way.

Over 20 units from 4 different organizations. You can also deploy turrets and special units to fight. Try them all and have fun!

Now that’s the tactic we’re talking about. Collaborate your units!

You may install up to 3 skills on each hero to produce the best team for combats.

Collect special weapons for your heroes, and mass produce them for your army. 

Snatch BOSS' weapons in special encounters!

Collect surprise items. Not only can they help you on the battle field, but they also contain the key to some special encounters.

You have the chance to induce enemy bosses to be your captains. Gotta catch 'em ALL!

We’ve spent a lot of time on crafting the animations, and designed every move with the utmost care.

The Making-of Onipunks' pixel animation

Concept art, Draft, and Anime sheet 

Sprite sheet

Our self-developed engine ensures better performance. Small reminder: ONI-engine packed 800+ pixel animations into 1Megabyte, about half the size of a photo taken with your phone. 

The Making-of: ONI-engine dev-kits demo