Dark Rain

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Greenlight on Steam.

Dark rain is a Horror/Adventure game set in the year 1644. It's a sandbox, open world game so you're free to do what ever you want and explore the world! The Gameplay is hide and seek, run and hide from the monsters and solve puzzles. You wake up somewhere in England (year 1644) you don't know were people are and what is happening and that is your main goal, to find out what is going on. You were there when the gates of hell opened, but you can't remember much. You will start off with a short dream, as you progress and find more clues to what have happened the dream gets longer. Every night you dream and you start to remember more.
There is a constant feel of danger.

What makes Dark Rain special?
- First ever Sanbox horror game! (Open world)
- You dont have a inventory what you pick up in your hands is what you can carry.
- Beautiful and unique graphics.
- Lots of secrets!
- Some objects that you can pick up interacts with Animals and undead.
- 3 Diffrent campaigns.
- Realism.
- Lots of easter eggs!

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Release Date, Unknown, But if you're interested keep up on it :)  One day, I'd like Sean to play this, when it's released.