DayKnights Meetup W/Facebook

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A complete redo of this thread.  If you have facebook and interested in meeting Sean or other DayKnights, please like Day[9] Knight Facebook.

Welcome to the DayKnights Global Meetup or formerly known Day[9] Global Community Meetup.

For any meetup that will include Sean, will always take place in Central LA between San Francisco and San Jose now that Sean has moved to the Bay Area.  Anyone and everyone who can find a way to the Bay Area is welcome to join us.  The meetups Sean is able to make is up to him, but I'll do my best to have him come as much as possible :).

Don't forget!

You guys can make your own meetups too, place, time, date, etc..  Wherever on earth your awesome self may be :) Meet the people that are maybe in your area :)  Sean is no doubt an amazing person and an influence on us all in some way, but don't let that stop you from meeting other Day Knights.