Greenlit Games on Steam

For awhile now... awhile, I mean about a week or two. lol, I've been posting games, that I find interesting and awesome, therefore I posted it here to share with the public.  Instead of doing that, this time, I encourage you fine men and women to look at the amazing games some people have posted.  A lot of games will not meet your taste, but go on to the next one.  You can customize your queue to your taste.

To go to Greenlight, go under Community.

Then click Greenlight.

There are tons of new and exciting games that I can't wait for.

For me, I love a lot of genres, but mostly Action, Adv, Horror.

So, Dream, Miasmata, Haunt The Real SlenderMan Game, Dark Rain, The Light, Room 1313, Asylum, Dream Eater, Faceless, and plenty moahhh~

Feel free to post what games you found that were AWESOME!