Haunt: The Real Slender Game

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Greenlit on Steam

Haunt (originally named Haunt: The Real Slender Game) is independent adventure/horror game project inspired by Parsec Productions “Slender: The Eight Pages”, which was based on Victors Surge “Slender-man” idea.

Our project can be called “FPH” (First Person Horror – cool, huh? ;)) and actual version of this game is still in beta stage. More important thing is that “Haunt: TRSG” that uses slender-game gameplay has become some kind of prototype for much more bigger project, that will provide unique story, gameplay elements, environment and will be inspired by many paranormal activities that appeared in our world. Yes – we will do anything to keep it free – even in case of Haunts successor. It is all in your hands!

Haunt incoming features (ver. 1.0):
- Fixes for all bugs you have mentioned
- Raised “Slender” agro at Gamer and Paranormal difficulties
- Improved environment (with more characteristic points near crossroads)
- Some sound FX improvements (NO! LEAVE THE HORSE-DOORS!)
- Player “pawn” will be added (check our newest screenshots) - Ultra-Vision prototype (in fact it’s useless in this game at the moment… but looks nice! ;)) - New main menu

Long-term features:
- Unique story (that is in fact already written and ready to develop)
- New gameplay elements ( like ultra-vision, ghost mirror, camera, photographic darkroom etc.)
- NPCs with complex facial animation (for example aggressive bum met in abandoned building, old woman that hires us to check her haunted house etc)
- Inspiration taken from real paranormal activities (you can believe them or not – but they are scary as…)
- NO GUNS - “Ghost hunter” tools (some of them mentioned above) - More dynamic narration and gameplay

If there are any ideas you want to share (or you just want to see them in our game), write to us: info at haunt-slendergame dot com.

Remember that this project is free, developed in spare time by professionals – we are making this game for you (and for us – cause it’s fun ;)) and we will appreciate all forms of support! You can share this link, or our game link, you can “Like us” on facebook, send some kind words or/and make a small donation (via our website)!

Update: 12.1.2012


Finally Haunt 1.0 is out! Before downloading please read whole information below – we know that you just want to get it and play/test – but this is really important for us. Give us a few minutes and you are free to go :-)

First of all we want to say, that 0.9 beta was downloaded almost 250 000 times from sources we know! Quarter of a million! We have to remind all of you that version 0.9 was made in about two weeks, just for fun – no one ever thought that it will get so popular. We are surprised and we hope, that all of you are going to upgrade this game to 1.0 as, we have to say that, version 0.9beta was bugged and glitch as hell.

For those who asked about our Steam Greenlight campaign – Haunt is at 38th position and is still rising (about two positions per day). Many thanks to all of you that already voted or will do so!

Another reminder – game is no longer titled as “Haunt: The Real Slender Game” (we are sorry for that offensive idea, but as we said before we thought that this game will die somewhere between thousands of other games) and now it’s just “Haunt”. This project is already closed (this is last minor release, next builds are going to provide only fixes etc.) and we are officially announce that we are working on “Haunted Memories” – big indie horror-adventure project (soon we will provide more information about it with some new media).

That is why we have to ask all of you for help – if you like what we do, consider even the smallest possible donation. We are promise that this is not about new car ;) We have to upgrade our engine license if we want to deploy “Haunt” and our next game for Linux (and we really want to!), also we want to create/ order best quality assets for upcoming title and (what is the most important thing) we would love to work on this project fulltime, but it’s hard to work on indie project with family that needs to eat :) You can donate via PayPal (link is included in the game and on our website).

Enough talking – get, play, share!

GAMEFRONT downloads (notice that not all countries are supported):
4SHARED downloads:

IndieDB downloads ( each file must be validated by administrator – we must give them some time, also notice that registered users are first in download queue):

ALL OLD DOWNLOADS ARE DOWN – don’t try to download 0.9beta, cause this is not possible anymore. If you can – share this information to anybody that is interested in downloading this game. Soon all mirrors are going to be visible at our site: www.haunt-slendergame.com

Hope, you will enjoy Haunt 1.0 :)

Kind regards,
ParanormalDev Team

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Remember our credo: Download -> Play -> Share ;)

(Personally, I think Sean should try this out too.  It's more well done, + it's free.)