How did Day[9] change your life?

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I was studying for a midterm but now taking a break lol, and was watching some Day[9] story telling vods.  It dawn on me that Day[9] or Sean, has changed my way of thinking and output on life.  I never really gave it much thought, but I'm more laid back cause of Sean lol. Even though Day[9] is a facade of Sean, well I shouldn't say that- more like alternative personality lol as he said so himself in Daily #342. 

Anyways, coming from a family that did Software Engineering and Hardware Engineering, I was surrounded by computers.  I played my first game at 5, which was Diablo I, then Diablo II and Starcraft (BW).  It was probably the most kick ass time of my life, and then Warcraft 3.  Although I was never really passed silver/gold, I mostly loved the single player campaigns.  Mostly cause I was a loner and  had no friends that played video games LOL.  I did have a brother, but unlike Sean, he was 10 years older than me, so we were in different periods of life.  So, I never really got to play games with him. 

Fast Forward, cause this isn't about my sad life but about how kick ass Sean is.  In the year 2010, right after my birthday in May, I was introduced to Day[9] by a buddy of mine that played Starcraft I.  He knew I played SC1, but he didn't know that it has been awhile since I even played.  I watched some of his dailies and I at first thought, meh he definitely knows his stuff.  But it clicked with me, after he did his Daily #100.  After learning his life story, I tried to relate my life, and it was amazing how much Starcraft impacted his life. 

At this point, I was only in awe at his life story.  I even had questions and wanted it to be longer.  Cause gaming has always been in my life, not as interesting as Sean's, but lol I loved gaming.  I've played, tried, and suck at all sorts of games.  But the struggle you go through with anything in life is rough.  And a single mom to be there for you through thick and thin.  After his Daily #100, I watched his Daily on and off as much as I could when not studying and/or doing other stuff.  Over a year or so, I've watched his Dailies on Zerg with Idra and it got to me really wanting to play again. 

After a year or so, I got myself to Diamond.  But that's not what really got me to like Sean's Dailies.  Although getting me to Diamond from Silver is godly awesome.  It was after watching many of his short excerpt stories on life and Felicity, it really got to me, how much just about 99% of all gamers are alike.  Regardless of where you lived, or what you did, we've all been through similar instances of dating, girls, boys, losing, getting dumped, getting frustrated at something or someone, etc...  And I love it how Sean does it on a personal level.  Entering a Starcraft II tournament for the first time, heart-wrenching, messing around in SC2, fun, trying to get to Masters, fuckin hard, watching Day[9] talk about his past experiences and life, priceless.  There are many sayings by Sean, and although I loved to talk to strangers as a kid, as I grew older, I stopped, but Sean once said, "If you can cured somebodies' boredom for 30 seconds, they will love you and be so grateful to you."  Now, I talk with anyone lol all the time.  It's fun.  Meet great people that way.  If I ever meet Sean, I would just like to Thank him, not as a fan, but just as me.  For the last 2 and a half years, he has me wanting me to devote my life to gaming, and to help the gaming community.  Not just E-Sports, or just Starcraft II.  But everything.  My life has been gaming, so it makes sense lol. Thanks Sean.  :)

From, just a guy, a nerdy guy.

I would highly recommend watching all his comedy/storytelling vods here.  Mostly #100 and #259.

If you have an experience, please tell us about it.  It can be few sentences, it can be 1000 pages... Lol, if you would like to tell us about it, please do.