I agree

We've been set with this mindset of vaccines and drugs.  And how our health system is there to cure us of our problems.  It's a bit sad, but I guess that's world we live in.  I'm stubborn too about a lot of things, so I don't mind people calling me out and disagreeing.  I just felt that the pros of not taking the vaccines out way the cons.  Injecting yourself with something "doctors" say is good for you, but the ingredients say otherwise, or getting sick for a few days, then feeling better.  They don't even guarantee you won't get sick by getting the vaccine, so why take it?  I feel like we're way too dependent on the so called expert and specialists, yes that's their job, but we're human beings too.  We should be able to look up the ingredients ourselves and know that they aren't particularly good to put in the body.