Greenlit on Steam

The Intruder is a survival horror game where you go prepare yourself for the imminent, inescapible encounter with the eponymous Intruder. It will take longer if necessary, but right now it's targeted towards a 2013 release.


You play as yourself after a horrifying encounter with an unknown entity. Your memory is greatly impaired, and you don't know what happened or where your things are. The only thing you remember clearly, is that it will return.


As the game's concludes, the strain on your memory is so great that you don't even remember where around the house you left your items. You will have to go and look for them, aided by vague memories, with the Intruder bound to catch up with you any second now.

You spend most of the game preparing yourself for that inescapable encounter, while trying to prevent running in to it early. You have several in-game days to explore the surrounding areas, look for weapons, ammunition and tools. You can even barricade your house to buy yourself some more time.

You'll also need to eat and sleep every once in a while, to stay healthy and energetic. After all, you may have to run real fast at unexpected times. How far you go with all this is up to you. Is it worth looking for a gun, or would the axe in your backyard suffice to defend yourself? Would two bullets be enough to kill it? Would boarding the windows and locking the doors buy you enough time?
Is five hours of sleep enough, or does that slow you down too much? How long can you refrain from going back home to eat, before you actually start feeling unwell?

These are all things you have to think about. It's all about making sacrifices. Careless decisions will leave you unprepared when the time comes.

Key features (* means already functional):

  • Advanced AI: procedural animation, a procedural model and simulated goals and emotions*
  • Continuous Time The time remains consistent between maps. 1 real second = 1 in-game minute*
  • Non-linearity: Small free-roaming world where you can discover set pieces at any time, in any order, or skip them entirely*
  • Interaction System: Open drawers, cupboards and doors by using your mouse.
  • Barricading: Board up windows and barricading doors to protect your home*
  • Intruder Placement System: A system that decides when and where the Intruder shows up*
  • Memory system: Press R to close your eyes and try to regain useful memories.
  • Finale Event: Found items are randomly hidden in your house, and you have to look for them before the Intruder gets to you.*
  • Survival System: You have to eat and sleep every once in a while, or you will be slower and more vulnerable.*
  • Dynamic day/night cycle: If you don't pay attention, you might find yourself alone outside. In complete darkness.
  • Diverse Weapons: Multiple weapons with distinct qualities and difficulty to obtain.
  • Non-essential items: Several types of useful items that are not mandatory to collect.
  • Decent mod capabilities: This game could work with a completely different theme/setting, and I'm going to keep support of that in mind while developing the game.

Current Status

As you can tell, most of the core features are already functional. Right now I need to know if people like this concept, and want it to be on Steam when it's finished.