More insight the better

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Harvest moon is pretty much Rune Factory without the Dungeon Crawler element.  I do agree though, that there are no ways to get around it with these games, as these games take a good 20-40 hours to play to fully connect with each character.  Although, at the same time I don't feel like having Sean and the rest of the team to play through the game and start the episode midway through the game.  I do love the brainstorming that they do, but I agree with you 1000% that it's critical to give the game enough time to explain certain events before jumping to conclusions.  I do hope for next month and see what game they choose, I just hope they'll be able to get a good discussion going, compared to reading the first chapter of a book and already making conclusions. But just as you said, still awesome job!  Looking forward to next month's show!