Prodigy Cup Reminder to All Who Wanted to Enter!!!

  (Edited: )

I didn't want to make another forum post about it.  However, since the original forum post is saturated with tons of information and comments.  I'd like to inform all of you to please, go to that forum post.  It's been sticky-d and see if you're one of the many that hasn't sent us your #CC and email address.  We have a lot left that haven't, and unfortunately if we don't receive it by this Friday, the 18th, then sorry.  We really need to get the prequalifer matches done with soon.  It's really hard to get a hold of you guys.

Scroll to the bottom and watch the videos.  I would really love for everyone that wanted to enter to have fun and get some free prizes along the way to be able to do so.  But I can't without you giving me your #CC and email address.  I know some people that don't want to hand out their email.  If so, if you can give us your IGN and #CC so people can add you to play against you.  That'd be swell.  You can either tweet it to our twitter, message to us on facebook, email us at, or even comment it here.

If you guys read this and have already done it, GREAT :D You are the MAN and/or WOMAN!! ^^

Thank you very much!