Pros and Cons in Indie Games

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This thread is mainly to help brainstorm fellow Indie developers like myself and maybe even you reading this.

I'm sure all of us DayKnights are gamers, but in terms of Indie games.  There are few questions that you can answer or even elaborate more upon. 

Don't fret on writing a few words or even a few sentences.  Type as much as you want, explaining each question.  Basically what's your most ideal indie game vs one you wouldn't play.

  1. What's your most and least favorite indie game?
  2. What motivates you to play an Indie game?  What makes it addicting?  Story? Gameplay?
  3. What turns you off from an Indie game?  Price? Graphics? Gameplay?
  4. What would you like to see become an Indie game?  What type of features would you like?  Be as specific as possible.
  5. Finally, although not a question, if you're a developer, don't forget to add a link and/or small description of your game.  Allowing some constructive discussion for the future of our indie games.  If you're not a developer, are you interested in game developing? or design?  Be on the look out for future Indie Game threads that may need extra help :).


  1. Probably Minecraft as my favorite.  Haven't found a least favorite yet.  I love the open world, do as I please aspect of it.  No real restrictions.
  2. Interactive elements is addicting.
  3. Controls or gameplay, sometimes even difficulty.  Like Sean says, "No Pain, No Game," actually he says "You can't have fun unless it hurts."  or something similar to that.  Although, sometime it hurts too much, similar to Sean's play through of XCOM :P
  4. RNG type open world platformer.  So, I can play the game dozens or even hundreds of times, and I get the feeling I'm playing a different game. 
  5. My current game, I'm creating is in TBA at the moment.  Hopefully, within a year, I'll be able to ask for people to help and maybe get Sean's attention to increase it's popularity.  :D

(Will elaborate more soon on my answers :P)