RaidCall English is Ending

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Hey guys!  It's LordMatsu here with an annoucment that was let known to me by Aura.

"Dear RaidCall English and Portuguese Community,

RaidCall, the 5-year-old free and powerful voice group communication software, includes three divisions: English version, Portuguese version and Russian version. However, RaidCall and its management, having evaluated the future, have decided to cease operations of both English and Portuguese versions on October 1st, 2015.

We have tried to drive RaidCall into profitability but due to the capital intensive nature of our industry and increasing competition, we have not been able to reach it despite our best efforts. This is a difficult decision for all of us. However, after much deliberation this seems to be the best course of action despite the impact it will have on all the users, employees, clients and partners who helped build this business. We are grateful for your support as our pioneering ride comes to an end. The RaidCall English and Portuguese teams have always aspired to provide the gaming community with the best tools for teamwork voice communication.

Thankfully, RaidCall Russian version will function normally. However, because of the servers location we cannot promise the voice experience can work as well as before for users based in Brazil and North America. Portuguese and English versions users will be automatically updated to RaidCall Russian version 8.0 where English and Portuguese service will be offered too. We do hope to see you again at Russian version.

We are happy and honored that you have enjoyed it over the years. Best wishes for every RaidCaller in the future!

Your RaidCall Team."

The decision that I think is easiest, will be to see if Raidcall RU (It has English) will be okay as the servers will be in RU I presume. 

If this doesn't work and it becomes severely laggy some other DayKnights have suggested Discord as it is another free voice/chat platform.  It should be an easy move over if it comes to that. 

We'll basically try to mimic how the Raidcall looked in terms of management and channels.  It does have a bit more features than Raidcall so that's a plus.


If you've downloaded Discord and wanted to try it out, you can join the DayKnight channel I made here.  Apparently, there is no nested or sub-channels yet, so we'll have to wait on that if we're going to use Discord.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment.