SCII Tourney - Prodigy Cup HoTS

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Hey guys!   I'm here to bring you the 2nd Tournament for Prodigy Cup.


We're so close!! 

Well since the NA Tournament finished, a lot of NA contestants had lots of fun, so they wanted to know if there was a 2nd one.  You can sign up for an account here.  We'll be using it for our upcoming tournament.  The date will be June 1st/2nd (NA) and June 8th/9th (EU).  Please mark your calendars if you want to enter this tournament :)

What's so special about this website?

It will save you and us time for sending emails back and forth or trying to get a hold of opponents.  It has all the info each opponents needs about their opponent such as Race or to contact someone.  You'll have your own Profile that distinguishes you.  Also when you join, you can join the Prodigy Cup Group as well, it'll help us contact everyone part of Prodigy Cup at once :D.

When you guys join the group, you'll see the respective tournament.

A is Platinum and Diamond

B is Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

All participants and volunteers must join our Prodigy Group on z33k.  It is a requirement so we can contact you guys with any information.  Also following, liking, and subscribing will also help us contact you guys :)

You guys need to go to your My Profile of z33k and click Account.  Then scroll down and add your Starcraft II Profile.


If we do get at least 8 Masters, I wouldn't mind doing Masters.

Prizes? Giveaways? Can it be $?

No Idea.  Hopefully something cool.  It can't be $ cause I have none.  The only way for me to get $ for a prize pool would be sponsorship, which is many milestones away or from you sexy people.


Volunteers (Streamers/Casters/Etc..)

We welcome all of you :) the more people the easier it is to put these things together.  Without my good friends Will, Eric, and without the wonderful people of the SC2 community, the first tournament wouldn't have gotten as smoothly.


Don't forget to follow, like, and subscribe <3 cause ya know you want to.

More to come...

Just in case I forget something, which I tend to do.