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Sean will be playing this game this Friday.  I wanted to know if anyone else bought this game?  Add me :)

My Origin Name is LordMatsu23.  Will join any server :D


Edit: SimCity is super buggy right now.  Hope everything goes well when Sean plays :) just lost all my cities due to the servers crashing.

So I hit almost 110k population after 26 months in game, which is 26 hours (game time $/hr)  I probably spent 6-8 hrs.  I personally wish SimCity was better with it's AI.  Also biggggggggggger maps.  I can barely fit stuff.  :(

What's your biggest pop yet on one city?  Is there a way to recycle your water?  Or is there a finite amount?


Edit:  I finally got to around 225k people.  But through tourist and trade depot I'm able to make 2-3 hundred grand a day.  So losing 8k an hour isn't so bad.  It's roughly 4-8k an hr. 

Got up to 7 million dollars with Coal, Raw Ore, Metal, and Alloy for my International Airport lol.