SCII Tourney - Prodigy Cup I

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NA Tournament - Feb 23rd-24th

EU Tournament - March 2nd-3rd

Prequalifiers - We will send out an email around end of January to qualify for the tournament because we have too many participants.  You will be sent an IGN of who you'll be playing against, 99% you'll be playing against the same league.  Unless, we run out of a players in a certain league, we'll use either one league higher or below.  You'll have until weekend before your tournament!  So NA and EU will be different.  But come on it's 3 games.  Shouldn't take long.

How can I participate?

Deadlines are over but stay tune for the next tournament!  Probably late spring, early summer!! :D  If all goes well!

- Signing up for NA is now CLOSED! Except for Masters.

- Signing up for EU is now CLOSED! Except for Platinum, Diamond, and Masters.

NA/EU/SEA Server?

Most likely NA, cause that's the server I'm on.  We can totally do EU and SEA, but we'll need more people from that server to either stream/cast that.  If you're up for it, awesome!

How about prizes?! I want prizes!

Well, considering this is a tournament for those who aren't in the GM/GSL league, there won't be thousands of dollars. 

However, since I'm sure everyone here is a fan of Day9, or likes his dailies enough to be here. So~

1st place - Choice of Day[9] T-Shirt

2nd place - Day[9] Mug or Mouse Pad

3rd place - Whatever is left <3

It's not much, but the money will probably be coming out of my pocket.  But to have a fun tournament for the overlooked players of the Starcraft II community, it's better than nothing right?  Donations are welcome, but totally not necessary for anything.  If we do get donations, there is a possibility of better prizes, but we'll have to see.

"Note that we also keep some HotS stock on hand as giveaways (collective figurines, tshirts, puzzles, music cds)"

-Day[9] TV

So maybe we can get better prizes! ^_^ But we'll keep you updated!

Day9-pproved! Moral and Donating Support!~

"I literally did NOT understand what you meant by B/S and G/D/P brackets.  Like.  This seriously took me an incredibly long time to realize it was leagues.  Damn that was rough lol.That said, this is awesome!  I'll throw in some mousepads n' shirts n' stuff if this becomes as EPIC AS IT WILL NO DOUBT BE xD.  Yayz for prizing :>"


"Hey All,

Philosopher here, one of the organizers of the Day9Cup. We've set up an email to make things a little easier.

If you could please email your applications to  that would be great. If you already have posted on this thread, np, your details will have been recorded already. Thanks you all for being so eager to be a part of this.




Battle net # Tag:

Sever Region:

Bio (A little about yourself and how you got into Starcraft and or II... a sentence or two):

Want to help? Volunteer?

Please email on what you would like to help on.  Experience isn't required but is SUPER AWESOME :D.  We could use streamers, commentators, organizers, etc... Just let us know what you'd like to do :D And when it gets closer to tournament, we'll let you guys know.

Will I be chosen!?

Anyone who wants to enter will be able to get in, unless we have an excess of players, then we'll do a prequalify thing.  It's a tournament aimed to have fun :)

A T-shirt? Mouse pad? Cup?  That's it?

We have HoTS accessories and some Ubisoft games to giveaway :D

Introductory Video

We need your Character Code!!!  What's that you might ask?!  Check out this vid!

Anyways will keep this updated as time passes, hopefully we can do this.  My computer can totally stream if necessary.  FINALLY have a HD Webcam... was using a very cheap-y one til I gave myself a Christmas Present.