Trivia Nights w/ LordMatsu and LittleBig11

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Hey DayKnights,

Earlier today, we did a trial run of our Trivia Game Show after today's SC2L - EG vs TeamLiquid Showdown.

It was a rather success with the few people we had come join us in our trivia.

Our winner today was Juicylisk, who decided to take home Dead Space 3.

How can you join us for Trivia Nights?

LittleBig11, also a mod for the Day[9] TV Chat will normally announce when he's doing a Trivia Run.  So you can participate if you're watching Day[9], just pay attention when he tell you.

When does it take place?

Normally on Fridays LittleBig will do it during Sean's Lunch Break, and after a month or so, he'll tally up all the scores and whoever wins, will be able to win a key from various game keys we have.

We're also deciding to do another one during the week with 40 questions and whoever wins that, is allowed to win a game key.  Although this trivia night is mostly about eSports and various famous video games.


They vary from indie games to even AAA games.  Whichever keys we have to give away, we will tell you the prizes of what we have available.

As of today, we have Deadspace, Burnout, Crysis 2, Mirror's Edge, Medal of Honor, Bontanicula, Mcpixel, Thomas was alone, and The Showdown Effect.  We might have a bit more, but we'll add more as they come along.

I hope to see you at our Trivia Nights and Day[9] Dailies and Day Offs.


  1. Juicylisk - Deadspace 3
  2. Korlane - ScribbleNaughts