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Obviously don't value being a progamer if you think you could achieve it.  If I could achieve being a professional athelete or progamer, I would've.  But after several seasons of league and sc2, I've only ever made to master.  I've played basketball in college and it was difficult, the speed of the game gets faster.  If you really think you can do it, I don't see why you aren't, unless you don't value playing sc2 for a living.

And zeek was saying he could never reach the play of Lebron James.  There aren't any 5'10" players that I know are better than Lebron.  He also said he could never split like MMA.  He may make it to GM but there are inherently better players out there.  As of now, Life is the best youngest sc2 player besides Maru.  They've both have had less experience than some pros but have shown better results.  While I believe it's possible to achieve the impossible if you put your mind to it, there are some things that are physically impossible.

Not everyone can be 6'8" 250lbs, can beat most top kespa players 1v1, or be one of the winners of the Intel Science Talent Search competition.  If you can, then I think your making a big decision by not doing it, unless you having something else worth while.   I played broodwar at ~8 years and sc2 when it came out too.  Did a few lan competitions, never really did amazingly well.  Does it mean I didn't try hard enough to become pro?  I would like to believe I did.