Dracula:The Resurrection

A very cool point and click adventure game. It was spooky back in the day, but laughable now because of the graphics. In other words, I wouldn't classify it as a "scary" game. It does still have that "spooky" kind of ambiance, but it's no Amnesia. The Dracula games aren't very long, (I think 2 discs for the original Playstaion), but there are sequels if after playing you want some more.
I just want to see Sean Plott role play the part of Day 9 : Vampire Hunter. 
It's not expensive on Steam and I believe the whole Meridian4 Adventure Game Bundle is $20!
Give it a chance, I think you'll like it. 
Fan of Manfred,
LovelyGuts :D
Might be a good game for Mostly Walking as well. :D