[H] TvZ late game What am I not getting?

Ok so I'm a gold level terran player. Obviously since MLG fall there has been a lot of Zerg players doing the infestor heavy play. Now Flash bested the entire infestor issue with great splits and some great micro. However, What the hell are those of us in the lower leagues supposed to do? 

I'm not just complaining for nothing, I have tried a couple basic things. I've tried to keep the zerg on two base, turns out two base can support a zerg's infestor ling army enough, and two base infestor ling harass or ling muta into infestors is REALLY good at denying my fourth and helping to protect the Zerg third and however many more bases he wants.

I've tried constant drops and harass. That worked for a while actually, but after about the third attempt. That's when spine crawlers and spore crawlers kill a ton of drops. I don't like losing tons of units because I want to keep dropping and losing everything for nothing but time that I don't know what to do with. 

After a while I just started getting ghosts earlier, I used to use them against the late game broodlord army and they rock. Turns out I don't have the speed to emp and snipe all the infestors fast enough to stop my army from getting fungaled and hit by baneling, ling pick your attacking unit or combination of zerg units backed by stolen marines, aka infested terrans. I never thought I would fear marines in TvZ but I do, I really do.

As for mech, I am no good at the early game hellion banshee micro with the macro behind it that keeps you alive for three base and six gas geysers. when you start to build super cool army. Even if I do survive that long, I am so focused on keeping my money low, or I've built so many hellions that my turrets don't go up fast enough or there aren't enough and I die to muta harass. A problem I have attempted to fix and realize that I die to the increasingly common, two base baneling ling bust that is the gold level opening for a lot of zergs.

I'm unsure of what to do, I've gone looking and it seems that a lot of my favorite terran pros just seem to win. I don't know how, there is no big thought process that I discern from their play that just makes me stop and go "Oh!". At least not as much as watching Thorzain's TvT and realizing that a lot of it is just positioning and patience. 

I would LOVE if Day9 saw this and was kind enough to do a daily on it, or if one of the people here would be nice enough to give me a few tips or tricks, share what they have done and hasn't seemed to work and so on. 


Dreadpool, Gold level terran on NA server.