Plea for public chat during day[9]'s day off.

I would plea for a public chat on day[9]'s day off. of course I understand that you want to minimize spam and unwanted comments. But I think that in this medium it is less necessary than in the usual dailies.

I am a Dutchman and usually I am not able to watch the stream since i'm simply sleeping then. So I will watch the show on YouTube but once every (other) month I'm able to watch a (part) of the slow life and it always bugs me that I can not communicate, But as a Uni student it is not really feasible to pay $5 for every +- 3 hours of stream that I watch, that's why I don't subscribe to the daily.

Today for instance the stream started early and because its my vacation I have the opportunity to watch. And since i'm HUGE AoE fan (I still play forgotten empires the aoe2 expantion a few times a week), it really tears me up that I can't talk about it.

So Sean please consider my plea and I hope to be able to chat to some of your streams as well.