Splinter Cell chaos theory or one of these Strategy games

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Splinter Cell chaos theory is by far the best shooter in terms of single player and co-op. It doesn't require good aiming but relies heavily on strategics and stealth. The 2 player co-op is absolutely fantastic it relies heavily on teamwork and communication and is very satisfying. And the lightning effects are so good that this 9 year old game doesn't fall behind current games far in terms of graphics.

One of the legendary Command and Conquer games (preferably RA2 C&C3 or Generals ZH

Starbow, Many of us have missed your SC1 succes so it would be nice to see you play this arcade game that is a combo of the sc2 gaphics and the sc1 units and mechanics.

Another absolute classic any of the  Commandos games a WW2 game in which you control a small team of commandos (all with unique abilities) to sneak around and take objectives. It is a top down game containing some awesome rare mechanics like the option to create multiple view-ports to track different units/places of the map.

And a recent game: Hotline Miami  is totally fun to do. But it is a bit violent.