HEY GUIS DO I HAVE LETHAL HERE? (Multi-Thaddeus Stall Warrior concept)

Fooling around versus the Innkeeper since I couldn't sleep, thought up a fairly nifty concept for a warrior deck based around massive armor stalling followed by double or quadruple Thaddius.

The core concept is to run out armorsmiths and let them take a few hits early, shield blocks, armor up, generally anything to tank while you use Battle Rage/Thalnos/whatever would help to draw cards with until you've got Rivendare, Stalagg and Feugen.  Ideally you would get Stalagg and Feugen to one health and then whirlwind, or two health and do something like Wild Pyromancer + Whirlwind, but on ranked I kind of doubt many players would let you set up that much.

Still, I think a stall-y, tanky warrior is pretty solid for a Thaddeus build, I don't have that many Warrior cards and I'm still pretty new to Hearthstone all told, so I leave it to my fellow Knights to workshop this into something that really works.  It is pretty fun.