How Day[9] Changed my Life

So, my life has been feeling empty, and I was looking through the older videos, and I went back and rewatched Day[9] daily #100. If any of you haven't watched it, I would recommend that to everybody here. And I realized, that my entire life, I had been ashamed of what I loved doing, and I tried to stop and do other things. Looking back, I realize now that it was the biggest mistake of my life to do so. To be entirely honest, I cried throughout 30 minutes of the entire video. Rewatching that video has been one of the most changing points in my life recently. I have been inspired to do what I love openly, and tell others about it. As day9 said, the best thing to do is to get others to love what you love. Itfeels as if my life has new purpose now, and because of that, my entire outlook on life has changed drastically. People around me notice it in me, even if I don't tell them. If you are ashamed of doing what you love, I would advise you to stop caring about society, or what others think, and just do it. I truly, truly thank day9 from the bottom of my heart for being such an amazing, influential person in my life who has such an inspiring story to share with all of us, and change our lives as well.