I made a dayGG-emote!

Hey lovely DayKnights!

Yesterday during the Day-off, while Sean was playing Rainbow VI Siege with JP, I asked chat, what they think about a dayGG-emote and at least some people commented on being a good idea. Since Sean started saying "GEEGEE" in a very dramatic voice and keeps using it quite frequently, I figured it would be nice for chat to have a special dayGG emote to celebrate all the good games with Sean. So I started working on a dayGG-emote and after several different drafts and the help of Sirprizemuthafakka, I came up with this one. I used a font similar to the one Sean is using on the website and put the two Gs in a rectangel with rounded edges, similar to the subscriber badge. After several drafts I figured, that this particular design provides the best visibility of the two Gs even at the smallest size (28x28 pixles).

So, guys, just let me know what you think about my take on a dayGG emote and maybe we'll have a dayGG emote on Twitch one day :).



dayGG 28x28 pixles


dayGG 56x56 pixles


dayGG 112x112 pixles