The mug quote thread - your favourite quotes

Hey everybody! 

Have you ever felt like, "Man, this line of Bill is just too good to let it fall into oblivion! But where to post or put it?", then this thread is the place to go! Since Sean P., Sean B., Bill and chat are an endless source of awesome quotes I started collecting them a while ago and now I wanted to open a thread so all of you can post your favourite quotes from chat or our beloved Mostly Walking trio.

You might wonder, why is this thread called "The mug quote thread". Well, if your quote is worth putting on a mug or a shirt (some of these quotes just demand being made in to merch, just saying), then it's definitely worth posting in here. And one quote actually made it on a mug and brings joy everytime I take a sip out of it. The Butt Mug - as it's called - has a quote by the lovely Leahtheshadow on it "Dear prudence, well butts".

Here we go, these are all the quotes I managed to collect so far:

"Dear prudence, well butts" - Leahtheshadow
"I don't understand the appeal of "yo" " - Cerebral09
"Old lamps for new!"
"Ferlintokezeirquizes Pferdefedern"
"This isn't foreground shovel, this is background shovel!"
"Oppresticles" - Bill Graner
"How can something feel like a portable generator?"
"I found a spindle!" - Sean "Day[9] Plott
"I don't like that old woman. I'd beat her with her own pair of Dr. Scholls."
"I don't even know what I'm doing, but I want it to happen!""Oh my god. We have a cat-egg dependency!" - Sean "Day[9] Plott

Unfortunately I haven't been able to attribute all these quotes to the correct person. So if you post your quote, feel free to credit the quoted person. 

Have fun collecting and posting all your quotes!

- Maja_Summ

As a little bonus, here's a pic of the infamous Butt Mug!