Pirate Smugglin' Paladin!

This deck is hilarious good fun! Despite being full of cheap minions and Pirates, it doesn't feel like a cancerous face deck. It is aggressive, but not face. I feel it has lots of fun decision points and has outrageous explosive finishing plays with all the buffed Charge minions you get. Defintely some of the most fun I've had this expansion! Hope you give it a shot!

Here's the list:

2x Argent Squire

1x Light's Justice

2x Meanstreet Marshal

1x Patches the Pirate

2x Selfless Hero

2x Small-time Buccaneer

2x Smuggler's Run

2x Southsea Deckhand

2x Grimestreet Outfitter

2x Acolyte of Pain

2x Argent Horserider

1x Divine Favor

2x Rallying Blade

2x Small-time Recruits

1x Wickerflame Burnbristle

2x Consecration

1x Leeroy Jenkins

1x Tirion Fordring