How did you learn to market?

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Hi there.  I'm a long time fan of yours and a former entrepreneur in a bit of a down time.  One thing I'd like to thank you for was a comment you made in this video around 57:30 

"There's no faster path to mediocrity in life than (blah blah) trying to figure something out all the way before you jump into it"

I agree 100%, but even with my background starting and running an EFL school in Taiwan, it's TERRIFYING to go out there, make something new, put your name on it and ship it for all to see!  I found that video very helpful.

What I wonder is how you worked on your marketing early on.  When I first saw your stream I think it was right before #100.  At that time all the other casters seemed more serious and more image conscious, but your show was quirky, imperfect and personable.   I think that's a huge reason why you stood out and got so much success.  What this by design or did you stumble into a lot of the things that made the daily  catch on?