Feed Me Munchy - an arcade game with an appetite! (iOS & Android)

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Good day my fellow DayKnights!

I have been working FOREVER, LITERALLY (ok only 8 months) on this game with Chih-Han Hsu. It is finally here.
‘Feed Me Munchy’ is a juicy arcade game available on all devices with iOS (4.3+) & Android (2.3+). It features delightful desserts and adorable sweet-toothed monsters. Let this short trailer speak our thousand words;

Our past experience with freemium game development has left us eager to revisit a paid model. At a low premium price of USD $0.99 it provides players with a full game experience upfront, no in-app purchases or pesky adverts.

If you'd like to share the love and help spread the word here is some additional info;

Website: feedmemunchy.com
Tweet: FEED ME MUNCHY: feed adorable monsters and shoot bubbles in this delicious adventure! (iOS & Android) feedmemunchy.com

I have reserved 10 gift promo codes (iOS) strictly for DAYKNIGHTS only :) I will be contacting our beloved Mr Plott to beg... ugh I mean ask for his help to distribute said codes.

No matter what; even if I have to give them out myself they are going out to DayKnights!