Justin Carter in jail for a facebook comment

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Hey guys,

I'm not sure if you've heard of this yet but there's this 19 year old kid (was 18 at the time, spent 19th bday in jail) in Texas, who is in jail while his trial proceedings go on for a "terrorist" threat. He made a sarcastic comment about shooting up a kindergarten in response to someone calling him crazy, after which he followed it with j/k. They searched his house a month after arresting him (kinda weird that they arrested him first) and found nothing. No plan, no intended or real victims, no weapons, absolutely nothing.

He has been in jail for several months now. Over this period of time he has been repeatedly beaten up and had to be moved four times. If you don't know much about jail all I will say is if you're 18/19 years old, you are the number one target to get raped. Why hasn't he posted for bail you ask? Why it's at $500,000 which is 5x more than some murderers get. Sure his family only needs $50,000 but they don't have it, so he gets beat up and possibly even raped (this is just my assumption from what I've seen happens in jails, in documentaries and such).

There is a petition on change.org to have him released, currently has 99k signatures, needs 51k more. It never hurts to have more than the total as well. It will take less than a minute of your time to sign, please help his family. Imagine if it was your brother, your cousin, your son or your friend. This can't be justice.


All the details of everything involved are on that page or linked from it. Here's the first article that has the most information, quoting Jennifer Carter (his mum),

"This one has more of a political tilt to it. But this is the first journalist that was interested in our story, so I wanted to share this with Justin's supporters. Also is a lot more accurate with the facts, as the author has spoken to both the police and Justin's attorney.

I know this is way off topic, but it does affect everyone in the world. Especially the gaming community which we are all a part of. I don't like bad language but it is not right to send someone to jail for having an argument over the Internet. If things like this go unnoticed and unchallenged it will propagate to all countries and make the world a really sucky place to live in.
I am an indie game developer who lives in Brisbane, Australia. I am 27 years old. I have never met the kid. Even so it makes me furious and outraged that something like this can happen.

You can make the world a slightly better place to live in, just spend a minute of your time signing the petition... thank you and I wish you many gg's.