[H] Help me improve.. [Terran]

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Hello everybody,

I was wondering if anyone would be happy to take some time to give point out what is wrong with my gameplay and how I can improve on it. I'm not sure exactly what I need to do in my gameplay to be able to advance in the leagues and since if I watch my replays I just think "Holy crap I'm terrible" and not actually understand why I am I thought I'd ask you guys.

http://www2.zshares.net/epkgd8wc6aj0 - Here is a TvT I just played that I felt like I did alright in.

http://www2.zshares.net/uhtzdrq3rlya - Here's a TvP - I have been told that I have to build turrets and planetary fortresses if somebody is doing a lot of DT harass which I can certainly see, however I'm not sure what else I could have done as I couldn't press a base very well.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.