[H] How do I break a fortified Terran player? TvT

Hi.  I'm a bronze leaguer.  I main Zerg but I want to switch to Terran so bad.  When I win as Terran I feel epic where as when I win with Zerg it's just 'meh.'  

Yesterday I went to a friends house and we had a lan party.  He mains Protoss, I main Zerg... we decided to do off race matches to mix it up.  We played TvT but I've actually been playing Terran on the ladder.

My biggest problem is breaking a Terran's fortified position.  

This game was long.  1:20:00~ ish.  I used a strategy I learned on TeamLiquid... drown him out.

The map was Ohana, we literally mined out the entire map.  I spawned up top him on the bottom.  There was only one expansion left, his 8:00 expansion.  He wiped my base and I literally jammed 3 CC's, 5 Rax, a factory, starport, and 200 suppy worth of depos on the high ground at the 8:00 expansion.

My plan this game was to just starve him to death.  We didn't even do a traditional GG, he just turned around and said "I think you got this one."  

I realize this is a long replay... so if you could just give me tips to win within the first 20 minutes.  This was my friend's second game as Terran and I find it embarassing that he can do this well against me to be honest.