You've just described most high schools in the U.S. of A., so I'll assume that's you're location.      Dude, I grew up in Pennsylvania,  and we have some loony laws. I know that at least here, you can start a club if you have like,  (don't quote me :P) 3 members to sign up, 5 petition signatures from people saying it would be a positive thing, (and here's the catch) a school faculty member willing to be your 'advisor' (aka supervise you after school hours). The 'catch' is 100% about money. Always. Your school sounds unlikely to shell out money for your club **this is not a big deal**  tthough it never hurts to ask, try it, you may be surprised.  Also, can you do it without money? Ie: can students provide their own equipment?       Check your local/state laws regarding the matter.                                                                                                            Your second option is to find a teacher willing to volunteer to be your 'advisor'. I don't know how many cool old school baby-boomer teachers are still around, but if you can make a logical case, they may want to help you out. There are a plethora of reasons for this, but that was always my go-to demographic when I wanted to get stuff done in high school. Find a veteran teacher ally, they know how to work the system, and may have some leverage with the school board, you don't know until you ask!       If this won't happen, try the newbie teachers, for 2 reasons: 1) They might play starcraft too! 2) Newer teachers may be looking to build up their resume, and as long as you can show your club won't be a mental burden, they would maybe work a time arrangement out with you, and  they get to say they help students organize a healthy environment for themselves, and advised the process (that's gotta count for something right?!) It's a win/win situation.                                                                                     If nothing else works, you're going grass roots with this shit. Find an ally (maybe even a new member)  the student council. Have them present something to the council about 'endorsing' your club. Maybe they can help you in some way: give you their space to use, share their advisor, let you play silently in the back of their meetings! Haha, just ask, even a vote for a nominal endorsementioned could lead to good things.  If you still need money, just do whatever the other successful school clubs do. Sell hoagies, sell candy bars, whatever!                                                                                             Sorry about formatting. I'm sure it's terribad, I'm on a tablet, which is new to me, and this forum isn't friendly with it :/