Widow Mines vs Banelings

2 points on this:  1 widow mine costs as much as 3 zerglings, plus 25 gas.  Using a lone zergling to scout widow mines is always a win for the zerg. 

These things are just automated burrowed banelings.  A zerg player who burrows banelings will utterly obliterate any Terran army foolish enough to move across the map without scanning every inch, or bringing a raven.  So when it comes to that, Terrans are just as weak as zerg.  Each scan costs as much energy as one mule, and each mule brings home more than 300 minerals.  So each scan effectively costs the Terran player 300 minerals.  The difference between widow mines and banelings is that the mines attack anything that comes by, automatically  (and so the lone zergling sets them off), but Banelings require the zerg player to activate them, so you can wait for the main body of the army. 

Oh, and banelings are still cheaper than widow mines. 

Terrans have lost two of their three promised new units.  Other races have had their units improved.  David Kim must use terran player tears to fill his bathtub every day.