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Hi! I would just like to let everyone know about this awesome mod to Starcraft 2 making the game have more exciting units, abilities, and games in general!  It also has an awesome community and creators that listen to feedback.   If Day[9] could play it on stream it would be great, but I'm asking all of you too!  The TeamLiquid thread is here:   and to access this, just look up it in the Arcade on the NA server.  EU is coming soon as well or might have already been uploaded! I'm asking all of you to try it out at least once and see how you like it! I know that it's not balanced yet but with creators who listen to feedback and are unbiased and an awesome community it will be much better soon! Thanks everyone for reading this and go play it and have fun!   Have a nice day, you beautiful people!

Edit: I forgot to tell everyone! To help find games, join the chat channel OneGoal. Thanks :D