Last hitting

I noticed that Sean has been having a hard time last hitting. Not that he is bad at it, but it is taking a lot of his focus in game. I play LOL instead of DOTA, but this little checklist should help a former starcraft player feel more comfortable last hitting in any game. The last hitting checklist is the checklist that you are looking at as you are doing the act of last hitting. Numbers are basics, letters are things to tack on when you are more advanced.

Last hitting checklist:

1. Enemy creep health bars

A. Your creep health bars

2. Creep aggro (how evenly spread is the damage?)

3. Enemy position

4. Minimap

B1. Trading stance


B2. Denying



1. self explanatory

A: (your creep health bars) this is the set up for trading stance or denying minions. this is also the key to knowing where the enemy will be standing in 5-10 seconds because the enemy will want to last hit creeps.

2. (Creep aggro) Watch when creeps attack because they do not do damage over time, they deal damage as their animiation hits. if all melee creeps are evenly spread the creep that the ranged minion hits first will normally die first. When the wave gets low you can get in the situation where a creep that has low health but only one enemy creep attacking it will live longer than a higher health creep with more enemy creeps attacking. Watching these animations is actually quite important to predicting which creeps to get ready to last hit.

3. self explanatory

4. (minimap) look for specific things. when i do this checklist I will look for 1 person/thing at a time instead of trying to read the whole map because that takes too long.

B1. (trading stance) You have to look that one up, but that basic idea is that the enemy is locked in an auto attack animation while last hitting and that is the opportune moment to initiate a damage trade provided that you are not missing last hits.

B2. pretty self explanatory, but IMO less upside but safer than the trading stance

Also, a great time to check the minimap is when you are locked in your attack animation.


If you get used to going through this checklist every 3-6 seconds it will help a lot. 

Good luck