Project Atlas (Artillery Games) cool ideas

I wanted to start a thread discussing ideas what I (and other people) have wanted to see in an RTS while this "Project Atlas" is still in early development with the hope that at least some of them will get tried out.

Jumping right into it

1. A spherical map (all edges wrap around)

There are no corners to hide in, opens up multiple attack paths and would let the player's center of power migrate around in relation to the other person's center of power. This configuration requires more critical thinking to determine where an "isolated" area is since it will be determined by the deployment of the enemy, not the corner of the map. (this could also be accomplished with a hex wrapping map or even a map with both top and bottom wrapping if the coding is too hard for a spherical map) The minimap in this game mode would be two circles.

(from a lore standpoint, this could be because the battles are being fought on small astroids)

2. Fixed defences that have different attack/defense values based on the direction that they face

This would allow for much more tactical maneuvering when assaulting fixed positions. This could also be a race specific option with a certain race's towers having this ability, and even possibly an option to have the tower rotate the strong side at a specific turn rate.

3. More terrain interaction

There are a multitude of different things that I can think of in this category. The ability to "dig in" after a certain amount of time, increasing the defensive stat of a unit. increased damage when on "higher ground". The ability for units to "hide"  or "sneak" in brush (not stealth, but a reduced area of visibility (this could even be counteracted by extra visibility granted by higher ground)). Maybe even the (limited) ability to create things like bridges and destructible debris that blocks movement.

4. Same team MultiPlayer

This one may be a bit of a stretch, but I think it would be fun. Have teams of 3 (or more) players duking it out, one player controls production and all units within a certain radius of the production building(s) as well as builder/worker unit(s). This person releases units to be controlled by one of the other two players who are basically field commanders. This would allow for extremely large maps with lots of different attack paths since there are more players. it would also encourage more skirmishes since there are three (or more) players on a team, but a unit can only be controlled by one person at a time. (While one team could give all of its units to one person, that person would almost certainly get out done by going against two people controlling units)

I'm sure there are many more great Ideas, feel free to add on to this list and improve on ideas already listed.