Can't wait! 

I've watched all of the Meta-dating series, and really wish they'd find more time to co-cast.

Also, gog.com should totally sponsor these shows. I've just recently spent a chunk of money there on old games, many of which I did simply because I wanted to have some first-hand experiences with similar games.  I was unaware that gog.com even existed, and ONLY checked it out because of Mostly Walking. 

If they want a so-bad-it's-good game, Kyrandia 1 and 2 are perfect.

When the time comes, it would be great if Sean, Sean, and Bill played 'Machinarium'.  I would be interested in their opinions on an old-style adventure/puzzle game made recently (the last few years). It's beautiful, it can be finished in a single session, and it has lots of interesting pros/cons in the design. Not as much fun from a "look how ridiculous the script/story is", but interesting in other ways.