What level is this?

I'll just say before these suggestions (though it will become apparent anyway!) that I am a low level player.

"You don't need micro before plat/diamond/master etc".  It is not even that there are just exceptions to this rule, micro at some level is required.  I suspect people saying this have a different idea of what basic micro entails.

"Cheese is terrible."  Now I hate cheese, but the idea that exploiting effective game mechanics is bad, while simultaneously trying to do exactly the same thing ourselves is pretty stupid.  Maybe it is risky, more prone to failure due to random circumstance, but the idea that cheese players are somehow evil is strange to me, they just want less out of the game.

"Day[9] is the Nerevarine, brought to earth in the form of a Kansas cuddlebear, fathered on a hydralisk by Fenix in the grips of a mid-life crisis.  Destined to bring balance to the game, uniting the players and destroying the tyranny of the ladder.  His coming was told of in ancient stone tablets, scattered to all for corners of the globe before Nestor drank his cup nor Odysseus set sail neath the crumbling towers of Ilium."